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[Article] 6 ways of monitoring who is at home


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[SIZE= 24pt][/SIZE][SIZE= 14pt]Why?[/SIZE]
Being able to monitor who is at home has been a very sought after feature in the home automation community. This has nothing to do with 'spying' on other household members, but is all about being able to provide more automation, by basically having the house recognize you. There are many reasons why you would want this, I'll list a few below as food for thought:
  • Play your new voicemail when arriving at home.
  • Turn on your favorite TV channel or radio station when arriving at home.
  • Configure your PBX to forward certain calls to your cell phone when leaving the house.
  • Forward Caller-ID information when someone calls, but you aren't at home.
  • Monitor your elderly (grand) parents if they go out once in a while. Knowing they are safe at home is a big relief, without forcing them to 'check in'.
  • Forward the front door security camera picture whenever someone rings the doorbell, and you aren't at home.
  • Forward important TTS announcements such as medication reminders, appointment reminders and more to your cell phone.
  • Automatically arm the security system when all people have left.
  • Arrange for certain lighting and heating/cooling scenarios based on occupancy.
There are so many other things I can think of, but hopefully this list will inspire you. Obviously, some ideas are meant for people living alone, while others are meant for people living with others in the same house.

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Method #7 = Mobile device detection via Wireless
Disclaimer, I haven't tried this yet, seems like it should work.
Create one or more DHCP reservations in your wireless router for your mobile device(s) using their Wireless MAC Address(es), you can then write a script to see if a device is responding on the reserved it.