[Article] CentraLite selling ZigBee Pro/HA modules under the new Azela name


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/archive/j/site/logos/zigbee.pngCentraLite has been quietly introducing their new Azela product line. The latest Worthington Distribution catalog includes a mention of this new product line (thanks to Panamian for the tip). It looks like this is JetStream based hardware, with a ZigBee Pro firmware upgrade, which includes support for the 'Home Automation' profile, meaning this equipment should interoperate with ZigBee Home Automation gear from other manufacturers. Currently they are offering various switches and modules (similar to the existing JetStream line up), and are also working on a Thermostat.
Products currently available:
  • CL3385001-ZHA: HA Profile 1-Button 800W Dimmer
  • CL3385003-ZHA: HA Profile 3-Button 800W Dimmer
  • CL3385001-RZHA: HA Profile 1-Button 8 Amp Relay Switch
  • CL3385003-RZHA: HA Profile 3-Button 8 Amp Relay Switch
  • CL3385001-ZC: HA Profile 1-Button In Wall Level Controller
  • CL3385003-ZC: HA Profile 3-Button In Wall Level Controller
  • CL4255050-ZHA: HA Profile Plug-In Lamp Module (300 Watt Maximum Capacity, Incandescent Only)
  • CL4255050-RZHA: HA Profile Plug-In Appliance Module (1,800W Incandescent,1,000W Fluorescent,15A Resistive,1/2 HP Motors)
Some of these switches are also available in multiple colors.

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