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/archive/j/site/logos/CES_logo.jpgCocoonTech visited the SiliconDust booth during the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 in Las Vegas, NV.  SiliconDust is best known for their HD HomeRun boxes but, as shown in THIS CocoonTech news update, is coming out with an exciting new product.
Shown below is a prototype HD HomeRun Device WITH a Cable Card which supports subscription (encrypted) TV from your cable company.
I spoke with Jason of SiliconDust and he described the features of this new product.
The actual product will have one cable input and two tuners and will be capable of using a "cable card" (it's the PCMCIA card in the above photo) that the cable company is required to provide to their customers.  This gives the board access to the content protected, encrypted channels, thus eliminating the need to have a cable company's specific cable box.
Compatible applications will depend on the various content protection flags implemented by the cable provider.  Currently only Windows Media Center with Windows 7 is approved to access this content protection..  SiliconDust has no word on getting their application approved for SageTV, but they do have a meeting with them later during the CES show to discuss integration of their products with this software.
The production box will have an ethernet interface and will interface with software products via your home network.  SiliconDust will start beta testing in April and estimates a selling price of $249.
SiliconDust was awarded a CES 2010 Innovations award for their products.
More information can be obtained at their website at silicondust.com.
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