[Article] [CES 2011] Exclusive Update - HAI (Home Automation Incorporated)


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CocoonTech visited the HAI booth during CES 2011 in Las Vegas on January 8, 2011 to see what new products were being showcased. They demonstrated their new 2nVoIP Intercom as shown on their new 5.7e touchscreens below.
[SIZE= 12pt]/archive/j/news/2011/1/CES/HAI_1.jpg /archive/j/news/2011/1/CES/HAI_2.jpg[/SIZE]
You just touch the 'Intercom' button (bottom of the left image above), which then brings up a list of station, then just click on that station to call it (right image above).
They were also showcasing their Zigbee thermostat (shown below). A micro-controller is required to interface with the main HAI board. Multiple thermostats can be used with a single micro-controller.
[SIZE= 12pt]/archive/j/news/2011/1/CES/HAI_4.jpg[/SIZE]
In case of range issues with the Zigbee communications, HAI offers a 'repeater' that can be placed between the HAI main control unit and the thermostat (shown below):
These Zigbee products should be available in a couple of months.
HAI was also showing off their brand new Music Gateway Hi-Fi 2 , which is a distributed audio eight source eight zone (expandable to 16 zones) matrix-ed system.
The system can be controlled via small keypads or via customized scenes on the 5.7e touchscreen.
/archive/j/news/2011/1/CES/HAI_7.jpg /archive/j/news/2011/1/CES/HAI_8.jpg
It supports IR input controls and sources can be plugged in directly to the unit as shown below:
HAI will have a Droid and IPad interface application, which will appear later this year. They currently have an iPhone interface as well.
This music gateway comes preloaded with 'homeserver' and 'wl3' software (which enables the web-server display of album, artist, etc...).
HAI is also considering offering the music gateway, interface displays and touchscreens as a 'stand alone' system (does not require the installation of a full blown HAI panel to operate)!

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