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[Article] [CES 2011] Exclusive Update - Somfy


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CocoonTech visited the Somfy booth during CES 2011 in Las Vegas on January 8, 2011 to see what new products were being showcased.
Somfy has been around for 40 years and manufactures motors and controls for window coverings (blinds, awnings, projectioin screens, etc...). They were displaying their TaHoma System which was announced as a press release on CocoonTech earlier this month.
Their TaHome box (shown below) can connect to a wireless router and sends out Z-Wave commands to an "Irtsy" Z-Wave to RTS interface box (also shown below). This RTS signal is what is then sent to the Somfy blind motor/controller (it is their proprietary wireless interface).
/archive/j/news/2011/1/CES/somfy_1.jpg /archive/j/news/2011/1/CES/somfy_6.jpg

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