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[Article] [CES 2011] Exclusive Update - Worthington Distribution


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CocoonTech visited the Worthington booth during CES 2011 in Las Vegas on January 8, 2011 to see what new products they are now distributing (Worthington distributes products to dealers/installers).
Every room needs a telephone right? So, why not control your HAI system with that telephone? How about an inexpensive control screen interface on the phone as well? You can do all of this with the new NEC DSX Phone System! Each 'DSS' key can be programmed to access a different section of your HAI system including lighting, security, audio, temperature, etc... Three phones start at (dealer cost) of $600.
The phone interface (shown below) is run from the interface box (just left of the HAI panel shown below). The NEC control box interfaces with the HAI panel via a serial connection.
/archive/j/news/2011/1/CES/NEC_1.jpg /archive/j/news/2011/1/CES/NEC_2.jpg

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