[Article] [CES 2013] Exclusive Update - Dish Network

I've read that Dish is having some legal issues from media companies over their commercial skip features; but have not followed up on this!
I'm thinking of going to Dish to replace my existing Cox cable TV (now that Cox lets you have internet service without demanding that you first subscribe to their minimum cable tv package).
I was thinking about their Americas Top 200 package as it would be about the same price per month that I'm paying for my extended service Cox cable package, except this would have more channels.
Currently I have tuner cards (older non HDTV) on a PC and distribute via SageTV, but would most likely have to abandon that process with Dish as I would most likely go with their Hopper DVR (as SageTv had been discontinued anyways).  They have remote 'Joey' units that let you distribute the view/control from the Hopper via coax to other tv's in the house.
The problem with this is the Joey's are an additional seven dollars a month and I'd rather investigate into other methods and am looking for suggestions from members that may have already done this.
Also curious on what the thoughts are on anyone using the Hopper and DishTV network in general.  Are you happy with it?  Are you using the Joey's for your distribution?