[Article] eKeypad Alarm is now free!


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I normally don't post announcements about price changes, but this one is pretty significant. eKeypad Alarm is now free. See announcement below for more info.
It turns out the best things in life are free! Starting today eKeypad Alarm will now be a free application!
eK Alarm gives you the ability to arm and disarm your alarm system. It support the Elk M1 Gold panel, the Elk EZ8 panel and all Ness M1 panels all with native interfaces for the iPhone, iTouch or iPad devices.
Need more control? In-application upgrades can add:
  • Full control of your Elk brand panel
  • Full control of your Ness brand panel
  • Full control of your ISY-99 controller
  • Ability to configure and access multiple Elk, Ness or ISY devices
  • View and control an unlimited number of IP cameras and DVRs
  • View real-time status from an unlimited number of Brultech energy monitors
Go to the iTunes App Store and download your copy today!
Screenshots posted below.

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