[Article] Embedded Automation announces ZigBee SDK


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/archive/j/site/logos/zigbee.pngEmbedded Automation, the guys behind mControl (Windows Media Center based home automation software), have announced a ZigBee GDK (Gateway Development Kit), as part of their new mBee product line. The SDK contains both hardware and software. This also means mControl will be one of the first (affordable) home automation software packages to support ZigBee products.
mBee SE GDK – Gateway Development Kit
Allows smart meter providers/users to develop solutions which require connection to ZigBee SE Profile devices
  • mBee USB (virtual serial) adapter PCB with mBee (long-range) module
  • mBee Utility (software) and User Manual
  • mBee .NET Software Development Kit (includes sample applications) and Reference Manual
  • mBee driver for mControl v2.1 software
  • Embedded Automation mBee Jump Start Service
mBee USB-H (USB Module)
Long range mBee module with USB interface.
mBee H (Long Range), mBee L (Low Power)
Base mBee modules for incorporating ZigBee wireless technology in custom devices/applications.
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