[Article] Energy Aware announces ZigBee certification of the PowerTab


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/archive/j/site/logos/zigbee.pngEnergy Aware has announced that their PowerTab energy monitor is now ZigBee certified.
/archive/j/news/2009/6/powertab.jpgVancouver, BC, June 4th, 2009- Energy Aware Technology Inc., a Canada-based developer of demand management products, announced today that it has completed ZigBee® certification of its PowerTab® product.  The PowerTab is an in-home display (IHD) that provides homeowners with real-time data on power consumption, electricity rates and additional information from their utility service provider.   

The PowerTab communicates wirelessly with smart meters outside the home and is one of the first IHDs to achieve the ZigBee Smart Energy certification.  ZigBee Smart Energy is an open standards-based communication profile that allows the PowerTab to seamlessly integrate with other certified devices and participate in smart grid deployments worldwide. The PowerTab is Federal Communications Commission (FCC) compliant and has received Industry Canada (IC) certification.

Commenting on the announcement, Energy Aware VP of Operations, Lauren Kulokas said, “We’re excited to have reached this milestone in the development of our PowerTab in-home display. Completing our ZigBee Smart Energy certification is an important step towards achieving large-scale deployment of our product alongside smart grid infrastructure in North America and internationally.”

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