[Article] Homeseer Technologies announces Euro version of the HSM100 multi-sensor


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/archive/j/news/2009/6/hsm-225.jpg/archive/j/site/logos/z-wave.pngHomeseer Technologies has announced the availability of the European version of the Z-Wave multi-sensor.  The unit costs $80.95 USD, and can be purchased from the Homeseer Store.
This unit combines a motion sensor, illumination sensor, and temperature sensor, all in one compact, Z-Wave compatible package.
Press Release
Bedford, NH – HomeSeer Technologies releases the Euro version of its popular Z-Wave multi-sensor.  The new HSM100-EU is designed to sense motion, temperature and light will control up to 4 other Z-Wave devices directly.  Homeowners with conventional automation systems can use the HSM100-EU as a basic Z-Wave motion sensor. Those with HomeSeer automation systems can take full advantage of the unit’s other features to create more complex automation events for whole house control of Z-Wave and non Z-Wave automation products.

Like other Z-Wave products, the HSM100-EU is completely wireless and is powered by 3 AAA batteries. A built-in battery monitor may be programmed to alert HomeSeer users by email, phone or voice announcement when the battery needs to be changed.

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