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[Article] Homeseer Technologies releases HSTouch client for iPhone/iPod Touch


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[SIZE= 10pt]/archive/j/site/logos/homeseer.jpg[/SIZE]Homeseer Technologies has just released the iPhone/iPod Touch version of their HSTouch client.   Hopefully the client isn't too crippled compared with the Windows (CE) version.  The client is now available from iTunes, and is free.
Bedford, NH [SIZE= 10pt]–[/SIZE][SIZE= 10pt] HomeSeer Technologies announces the release of a new iPhone client for the company’s popular HSTouch interface design system. HSTouch is a fully customizable, family-friendly graphical interface for all HomeSeer home automation systems and will run on virtually any touchscreen including in-wall, stand-alone, and wireless handheld devices. The new iPhone client puts HomeSeer home automation within easy reach of the [/SIZE][SIZE= 10pt]more than 30 million iPhone users.[/SIZE]

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