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[Article] HomeSeer Unveils New Series-3 HomeTroller™ Home Automation Controller


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/archive/j/site/logos/homeseer.jpgHomeseer Technologies has announced the immediate availability of the Series 3 HomeTroller, their Homeseer powered appliance.  While the chassis hasn't changed much, the VIA 1.0 GHz CPU has been replaced with an 1.6 GHz Atom, NIC has been upgraded to support Gigabit, and a few more USB ports were added.  The standard version costs $999.95, while the Pro version will cost you $1,299.95.  See the press release below for more details.
Bedford, NH – HomeSeer Technologies announces its latest home automation controller, the new HomeTroller S3.  Like its predecessor (the S2), the new controller is a fanless, diskless unit that’s designed to integrate home lighting, appliances, security, climate and audio/video systems by combining the best attributes of the most popular automation systems available.  The S3 builds on the success of the S2 and offers a faster processor, updated video support, software improvements and more technology interfaces.

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