[Article] How to log on your Windows XP/2003 machine automatically


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Enabling this feature would allow you to automatically have your machine login and start applications such as your HA software, allowing a transparant power failure recovery, and making rebooting much easier. I personally also use this method to automatically login my htpc/dvr to avoid any keyboard interaction (Infrared Remote is all I want to use). [COLOR= red]I would like to advise not to use this feature with accounts which have full administrative access, or on corporate networks![/COLOR]

While there are other methods of logging in a system automatically (i.e. Start > Run > 'control userpasswords2' ), using Tweak UI is the only one which will work with computers connected to a domain.

Download Tweak UI from Microsoft's website, Tweak UI is part of the free Microsoft Powertoys for XP suite.

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