[Article] Introducing Elve by Codecore Technologies, LLC.


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John Hughes who is the deveolper of  J9Automation Engine has provided Cocoontech with a press release about the re-branding of the software, including introductory pricing of the DIY or "Enthusiast" edition.
Introducing Elve by Codecore Technologies, LLC. Elve, formerly known as J9 Automation Engine is now available at http://www.codecoretechnologies.com with free time-limited licenses during the public beta period.

Consumers and professional integrators have told us that they want an easy to configure but powerful and flexible solution for home and commercial control, automation, and media management. Elve integrates your automation and home theater systems and devices into a single cohesive solution providing internet enabled remote and automated control from anywhere in the world. Elve controls your lighting & electrical, media players, security system, cameras, home theater, infrared devices, multi-room audio, thermostats, irrigation and more. We have applications for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, PocketPC, Windows, Windows CE, MacOS, Linux, and your web browser. Elve is a secure and powerful high-quality tool that sets a new standard in ease of setup and configuration in the control and automation industry.

This summer Codecore Technologies will release Elve Professional and Elve Enthusiast. Elve Enthusiast will be available for a free 30 day trial period and will be priced at $250 USD with an introductory offer of $99 directly from Codecore Technologies at http://www.codecoretechnologies.com. Elve Professional will be available to professional integration partners following the release of Elve Enthusiast.

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