[Article] LIFX accepting orders for 2nd batch of Wi-Fi RGB LED bulbs


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LIFX is a Wi-Fi controlled RGB LED light bulb (~900 Lumens/80W), created via a KickStarter campaign last November.  Some solid progress has been made, and since production on the first batch is in full progress, they have started accepting orders via their store for a 2nd batch, with a 15% discount if you use coupon code KSBATCH2 (the LIFX bulb retails @ $79), which should bring the total down to around $64.
The LIFX bulb uses your Wi-Fi network at home, and an open API allows you to control the bulb, including the colors.  They already have an app for iOS, the app for Android will be released before the first batch ships, and they are also working on other interesting integration examples.
Check below for their latest video which contains more information about production and their plans.
Personally, I ordered 4 of these bulbs, allowing me to simulate a sunrise, use them as indicators for US mail waiting in my mailbox, security alerts, adjust exterior lighting to match holidays, and even use them as holiday decorations.  So much potential!

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