[Article] More info about Roger Ebert's new TTS voice


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As you may have heard, Roger Ebert has been making some headlines now that he has the ability to communite again with his voice.  In case you aren't familiar with his history, surgery complications took away his ability to speak, so a Scottisch Text-To-Speech company (CereProc) got together with him, and went through 10 years of recordings, taken from appearances on TV, DVD, etc., to build a new computer voice which would sound like him.  It sounds like they somewhat succeeded, eventho I think the voices offered by companies such s Neospeech, Babelsoft, AT&T and others sound more natural (which I think is what they were going for).  Check out the article for a quick Q&A with teh company behind this technology.
Giving Roger Ebert a New Voice: Q&A With CereProc

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