[Article] New ELK Wireless Recessed Door Sensor And Glass Break Sensor Coming Soon


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It has been a while since there have been product announcements from ELK, but it looks like we have 2 new sensors on their way, designed to work with the latest 2-way RF transceiver.
  • ELK-6023 Wireless Recessed Door Sensor: a 2-way recessed door sensor, designed for use with wooden or vinyl doors,  supporting up to a 3/4" gap, with tamper, supervisor and low battery message support.
  • ELK-6040 Wireless Glass Break Sensor: a 2-way glass break sensor with tamper, supervisor and low battery message support.  The sensor is powered by a Lithium battery (expect battery life is 5 years), and has a 25' detection range.
No ETA is currently available, but I will update this article once I find out.

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There was also a teaser email today saying that there would be a new 2-way Smoke Detector announced at one of the coming trade conventions...  Good to see that Elk isn't dead - they're just focusing ALL their resources on this new 2-way line!  I'm curious enough - I'll probably bite soon and get a transceiver and some sensors.


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 Good to see that Elk isn't dead - they're just focusing ALL their resources on this new 2-way line! 
There's a reason for this as it's a very good product!  Shame it gets bashed by 'some' here every time I mention this new wireless line as I believe it will be the way of the future!
The two way technology is well thought out and it's nice to get a reliable feedback of the sensor communicating with the main unit as well as self adjust power level (to maximize battery life).  It has other features as well that I mentioned in my ISC West updates.
I took one of their door sensors during an ISC West trade show a couple of years ago, and walked about halfway across the convention center before it would loose communications (sorry I don't have an exact distance).  This showed off the excellent range, but get this...it performed flawlessly through a very busy wireless environment!  Be aware that just about every booth there was showing off some sort of wireless technology, plus wireless network/communications features, plus the noisy electrical environment (lights/cables everywhere).
Their two way key-fob also showed that is was communicating with the Elk as you could get the panels real time status, alarm status, etc...
If I needed to go wireless, I would definitely use with this product for my Elk.


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As an early adopter, I got one for my house when it came out, but almost two years later there are hardly any devices to use with. At the time this was the only wireless component I had in my HA/Security system. My home was already wired for PIR sensors, so I only use the keyfob and a few wireless sensors. I am looking forward to hear about the wireless smokes and new devices, but I doubt that I will rip out the smokes I currently have for them. My first set wireless sensors were eating the batteries despite being we in stated range, actually only bench testing, but to their credit, ELK replaced all of them with new, improved versions. I had hoped to see a wireless temperature/humidity setting sensor, as IMHO the ELK panel is lacking badly in this area.
One has to consider that running multiple wireless technologies side-by-side is not recommended and supported by Elk, thus unless the current offering meets all your needs, may not be the best to go with this system.


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  I'm very interested in this.  Having moved recently I'm basically starting over....  My M1G has a serial number less than 500 so guess I was an early adopter on this guy.  I'll put up another thread about ideas and soliciting input on some of the ideas I have but am looking forward to getting the new place up and running!


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I came across this flyer which has slightly more details about their complete wireless lineup.
I'm interested in seeing where they go with this.  Of course, I spent a ton of money on GE compatible products already, and there's something to be said about the freedom of using interoperable wireless products... but I'd like to see this mature for sure and very well might add this next to my GE receiver.