[Article] Perceptive Automation announces Indigo 4.0


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[SIZE= 14pt]New features[/SIZE]:
  • Indigo 4.0 now comes in 2 flavors: Pro and Lite. Pro is basically everything: all features of 3.0 plus the new features. Lite is a less expensive version that has some high-end features removed. Based on the survey that we completed earlier this year, it became apparent that there was a clear divide in our userbase: those power users that wanted every feature (and more) and the ability to expand and fine-tune their home automation system, and there were others that just wanted to control some lights and switches, but in general weren't interested in anything more complex than that. We had a product that didn't really fit the bill for the latter group (Indigo 1.8 ), so we've replaced it with 4.0 Lite. See the product comparison chart to see the differences between the versions. Again, both versions are available for immediate purchase, and upgrades are available. See the purchase page for more information.
  • Indigo Touch, a native iPhone/iPod touch client available on the iTunes App Store. Indigo Touch allows you to control your devices, execute action groups, view variable values, and use graphical control pages directly inside the Indigo Touch application. It also uses Bonjour technology to find and store server information, including optional GoPrism.com reflector account information. If you are using a prism reflector account, it will then be able to connect from anywhere in the world with no router or dynamic dns configuration needed.
  • Folders - finally, a way to organize those long lists of devices/triggers/action groups/variables. You now can create folders to hold collections. Group your devices by room and your action groups by function. Whatever you want! Just create a new folder by clicking on the + button in the new outline view, name your folder, then drag'n'drop your items to get organized. We're still implementing folder support in other parts of the UI, but we think you're gonna love 'em.
  • Support for INSTEON IR-Linc Transmitter, a new product from SmartLabs which allows any INSTEON compatible device to trigger the sending of IR codes. This product can be viewed as the companion product to the IR-Linc Receiver, which allows INSTEON devices to be controlled with an IR remote control. And, with Indigo running the show, you now have a simple and inexpensive way to integrate your A/V equipment into your Home Automation system. Using an X10 doorbell? Have Indigo pause your movie so you can answer the door!
  • Improved support for INSTEON Motion Sensors - many users have asked to have motion sensors be "stateful" - that is, have Indigo track when a motion sensor is on (detecting motion) or not. Well, you've got it! There are various options for how this new feature works, so check it out!
  • Pro Only: Support for new INSTEON I/O-Linc, another new product from SmartLabs, is a less expensive way to add one input and one SPDT output to your home automation system. Used in conjunction with several available kits, you can easily add Garage Door sensing and control, detect water leaks, or even sense when your freezer goes on the blink! Indigo has several I/O-Linc specific options available.
  • Pro Only: Remote control of Thermostat and Sprinkler without designing UI Control Pages. This is another frequently requested feature: in the past, if you wanted to control your sprinklers or thermostat from the web, you had to create a Control Page. Indigo now supports controlling these devices with a very simple-to-use Web UI. Indigo Touch also has custom UI to control these devices.
  • Introduced our new How-To Wiki on the website, which is also directly accessible from within Indigo by selecting "How-To Wiki" from the "Help" menu.

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