[Article] Promixis announce new PIR-1 USB IR receiver/transmitter


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/archive/j/news/2010/10/PIR-1-small-front.jpg/archive/j/news/2010/10/pir-dev.jpgIt's no secret that things have been quiet in the Promixis camp, probably so they could focus more on their new Promixis Enterprise Automation Controller. It looks like there is finally a little bit of news, which might benefit Cocooners.
They just announced a new USB Infra-Red receiver & transmitter, with the option of simulating 4 keyboard keys of choice, which can be triggered by one of the 4 inputs. The PIR-1 supports the popular CCF format, and comes with an internal high-power IR emitter, while also supporting Xantech style external emitters. It also supports learning and storing unknown IR codes.
The unit is based on an ATMEGA32U2 CPU, which is known to be pretty flexible. The system is also firmware upgradable (and actually uses the open source LUFA project as its foundation). They have 2 versions for sale, the standard $49.99 unit, and a $99.99 development version, which allows you to modify the system. Check out their website for more information.

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