[Article] SmartHome announces OutletLinc: a dimmable dual-band INSTEON outlet


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/archive/j/news/2011/6/2472D_1.jpgSmartHome just announced the OutletLinc, a dimmable dual-band INSTEON outlet (2474D). This is not just another appliance module. Every X10/UPB/Z-Wave/INSTEON outlet on the market has been a 'simple' relay, meaning you could only turn on/off devices. Some people get around this by installing a regular dimmable light switch, wired to a regular wall outlet. This is a very unsafe and illegal method (something many people don't realize). This outlet requires the use of a 'key', so you can't accidentally dim the wrong device (should someone plug in a different device without you knowing about it).
The OutletLinc also features tamper resistance, heat protection and load-sense (so you can turn the light on/off using the regular lamp switch). It is now available for pre-ordering (MSRP is $59.99), and will start shipping around 07/29/2011. Keep on reading for more info and pictures.
Available in white, light almond, almond, black, brown, gray and ivory.

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