[Article] Web Mountain’s Remote UPB Controller Goes Universal


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/archive/j/reviews/2010/10/IMG_6814.jpgThe folks at Web Mountain Technologies have been pretty busy adding more features to their Remote UPB Controller. In fact, they have added so many features, they decided to change the name to 'Remote Universal Controller'. They have added support for Z-Wave, X-10, INSTEON and various other devices, making it a serious contender in the affordable home automation controller field (which is currently dominated by the ISY-99 and Vera 2 controllers). While INSTEON support seems to be very basic (1-way only for now), this controller has just become much more interesting to the general DIY Home Automation crowd. Check out the original Web Mountain Remote UPB Controller review for a closer look at this controller, and see below for the original press release.
Support for these protocols is added via the following interfaces:
  • UPB: Web Mountain SPIM-01
  • Zwave: Leviton RZCOP
  • Insteon: Smarthome 2412S
  • X10: Smarthome 1132B and Smarthome 2412S
  • ESI RP: ESI R2D7 Serial Interface
  • ESI RQ: ESI RQ Bridge

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