[Article] Z-Wave and LS Control Enable Intelligent, Energy-Saving Indoor Climate Management


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/archive/j/site/logos/z-wave.pngWith the development of two home control solutions based on Z-Wave technology, LS Control charts new territory in the field of environmentally-conscious and intelligent energy management. The air humidity and temperature sensors of the ES 861 series empower landlords, owner-occupiers and business proprietors to remotely regulate temperature and air humidity in their buildings and rooms via remote control, the Internet or mobile phone. Z-Wave wireless control technology makes it possible to incorporate sensors into a home control network, link them up with self-regulating thermostats, and control them via PC, PDA, remote control, mobile telephone or the Internet. Through this process, the technology adjusts flexibly to the needs of the user, effectively saving energy and reducing cost.

Rising energy costs have developed into a substantial financial burden for private households and businesses. Saving money in this area necessitates a sophisticated energy management system. As an illustration, reducing room temperature by only 1°C would save 6 per cent of energy costs. Appropriate air-conditioning, as another example, prevents a heat build-up in summer and the overheating of rooms in winter. Automated measurement sensors and thermostats, based on Z-Wave technology, form the basis for dramatic cost reductions.

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