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[Articles] Mi Casa Verde becomes 400th certified Z-Wave product

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In case people are wondering how many Z-Wave products are out there, the Z-Wave Alliance just announced that Mi Casa Verde has become the 400th certified Z-Wave product.  See the press release for details.

Atlanta, Ga. - CEDIA Booth #4356 - September 21, 2010 - The Z-Wave Alliance, an open consortium of global companies delivering the world's largest Home Area Network (HAN) based on Z-Wave wireless technology, will begin the CEDIA 2010 conference on a high note with the certification of its 400th product - the Mi Casa Verde Vera Gateway powered by MiOS.

"This is a momentous day for the global Z-Wave ecosystem," noted Raoul Wijgergangs, chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance. "We've come a long way since 2005 from our beginnings in the installer channel, which we continue to serve, to our current position as the leader in home control product solutions through various channels including: retail, security, service provider and builder and installer. At the rate we're going, we anticipate reaching 500 certified interoperable products by early 2011."

"We are honored that Mi Casa Verde's Vera was named the 400th certified Z-Wave product, which is currently available in e-tailers and retailers worldwide," said Lew Brown, EVP of MiOS. "Vera guarantees interoperability with all 400 certified Z-Wave products and it can be bridged with multiple Veras to create an extended Z-Wave network. Our versatile controller will boost the Z-Wave ecosystem presence in the security and retail channels beyond where it is today."

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