[Articles] Win a copy of the popular eKeypad Pro app for your iPhone/iPod Touch!

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CocoonTech.com is giving away 1 license of the popular eKeypad Pro software. This app turns your iPhone/iPod Touch in a fully equipped remote client for the ELK M1 (or its Australian counter part, NESS M1), Universal Devices' ISY-99 controller and the Brultech whole house energy monitoring hardware. Here is a quick overview of what it can do:

  • Area status information, with support for multiple areas.
  • Alarm Functionality: Arming, Disarming and Status indicators
  • Keypad functionality: Function Keys, Function Key Status Lights
  • Elk internal task activation
  • Lighting control (UPB, X-10, OnQ-ALC, Centralite, Insteon, Lutron Radio RA, Z-wave and C-BUS)
  • Relay Output control
  • Thermostat control (RCS, HAI, and Aprilaire)
  • Zone status information and bypass control
  • Temperature sensors (probes, keypads and thermostats)
  • View IP Cameras and DVRs
  • Coming Soon: Whole house audio control
It's truly an amazing app, and now you have a chance to win your own copy! Just go to the eKeypad Pro giveaway page, and submit the form. Make sure you read the few rules/conditions we do have in place. Visit eKeypad Pro's website for more information about this app.

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I have had the Pro version for almost a year and a half now. Except for one minor bug that was promptly corrected and released (I think something like 4 days from the day I reported it and a couple of those days was Apple's delay) I have not seen any issues at all.

The few questions I had were answered within about a day.

Well worth the price and to get a free lic would be well worth it.


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Is this really an active product? Their web site (eKeypad Release History) shows the last software release was over a year ago!
There have been newer releases (just check the Software Tracker forum), but if worried, check out the CEDIA video I posted last month, it shows what's in store ;)

Yes, this app is well supported. I talked to jayson not long ago. I have had the app for over a year now and love it. The updates planned for the next releases are gonna be nice.


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The process of doing this kind of stuff for Canada is a little different, but I just verified with Jayson that this won't be an issue, so I will open it up to Canada residents as well, thanks Jayson!