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[Articles] ZigBee Alliance announces the ZigBee Remote Control public profile

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The ZigBee Alliance today announced the availability of the ZigBee Remote Control public profile (based on RF4CE).  Check the press release below for more information.  I look forward to seeing home theater remotes supporting ZigBee Remote Control, it promises many interesting features.San Ramon, Calif. – Dec. 16, 2009 – The ZigBee® Alliance, a global ecosystem of companies creating wireless solutions for use in energy management, commercial and consumer applications, today announced the availability of ZigBee Remote Control, the new global standard for advanced remote controls. ZigBee Remote Control is the first public application profile designed specifically for use with the ZigBee RF4CE specification announced earlier this year. ZigBee Remote Control frees consumers from pointing remotes at devices, offers flexible control from nearby rooms, enables unique two-way communications between the remote and device, plus delivers improved remote battery life for a variety of consumer electronic (CE) devices like HDTV, home theater equipment, set-top boxes and other audio equipment. ZigBee Remote Control replaces 30 year-old infrared (IR) technology with radio frequency (RF) control and eliminates the pointing confusion and other performance problems associated with IR remotes and large screen LCD and plasma televisions.  It also delivers new functionality to conventional remotes, including:<div>

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