ASEL Video switcher any of you guys using one?


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If so can you piggy back them? Meaning if you get more than 4 input sources can you simply connect 2 of them together or would you need to use an additional com port for the second one?
THe ASEL has 16 inputs, and 2 outputs. Any input can be routed to any output. (Audio or Video)

Yes they can be piggy backed.
Is that $49 device necessary? I was looking at the wrong device I was looking at the RS-232 Controlled 4x1 Stereo Audio + Video Switcher instead of the RS-232 Controlled 16x2 or 8x2 Stereo Audio Video Switcher.
Ok back on this project. Guys isn't there a cheaper way of switching video. I do not want to spend $200 for the ASELPRO unless that's the only way to go.
There are other approaches which are cheaper. However, the easiest are probably limited to 4 inputs and one output.

You can look for consumer-grade A/V switches. used to carry one from Emerson. I don't see it on their site, now. It uses an IR remote control to select the input - so you should be able to control it with IR from HomeSeer. Radio Shack also used to carry a switch that responded to IR. It did not come with a remote but was designed to learn from any remote you want to use. This should also work from HS.

I'm sure there are other similar switches around that are controlled by IR. There are also switches that will automatically switch to whichever input is active. These are harder to work with if you are going to have multple inputs on at the same time.

For a nice clean solution like the ASEL or AVS units from, you will probably have to pay more from other places rather than less.

I would like to get an avs-8x8 from They run $200 but allow 8 outputs to connect to any of 8 inputs.

You can also build your own. I think zoomkat has outlined a relay/transistor/parallel port solution on the HomeSeer boards.
I don't know if this will affect anyones purchasing, but after 2 years of perfect operation, I cam home last week to the smell of burnt electronics. It turned out to be the ASEL...

I contacted Ryan at, and he without hesitation offered to replace my ASEL for free.

THAT is why you buy from the good guys! :)
"Radio Shack also used to carry a switch that responded to IR. It did not come with a remote but was designed to learn from any remote you want to use. This should also work from HS."

I have this box. It had 5 rear panel and one front panel Svideo / Toslink / Composite / audio R / audio L connections and two output sets of same.
Learns IR commands that HS can send. I just grabbed an IR file for a device I knew I would never own, and used that to program the Input choices.
Works good, but it provides no messenging of it's current selected input. So, if someone manually changes it, or the IR command isn't heard by the device, then Macro scripting can get hosed up logic.

It was $150 but I don't believe they are selling it anymore. It was "high end" from a Radio Shack perspective and I don't think they sold many.

I will be looking for a serial controllable switcher soon, so this one will be on the market when I find one.
Wouldn't it be possible to use relays to do the switching? Then you could use a Temp08/Relay or parallel/serial port relay solution.

Anybody try this?
Video is very fussy about impedance. With a relay you loose any sense of impedance continuity. If you are not critical about your image, or think that x-cams look good it will work fine.
Rupp & bwired - i got the ASEL about a year ago, based on the positive comments that you guys posted on it's use. I use it for video switching of 8 cameras.

i also want to switch (on/foff) the power supplies for each of the same cameras. What do you recommend for this application. I am thinking about the "R85PRO RS-232 Relay Serial Relay 8-Relay Driver Board with 5 Amp Relays" board (from to be able to switch each individual power supply on/off. Do you think that this board do what I need?