ATI TV Wonder USB 2.0


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TrustedReviews is one of the first sites to have a review on the new ATI TV Wonder USB 2.0 tv tuner. This tuner is the first one to support true uncompressed video, thanks to the fast USB 2.0 connectivity. Now Laptop owners can high quality TV (the signal of course, not the content :lol:) on their machines.

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What am I missing here? What makes ATI think they are first? This seems very similar to the Aver UltraTV USB 300. and the Aver unit doesn't require external power.

According to ATI's web site, the device is "available soon". But I also found a press release announcing this on April 29, 2004. So MAYBE back on April 29th ATI might have been the first, but they don't appear to be first anymore. Or is the ATI unit truly better than the Aver unit?