ATT/Cisco DLC100 system - can I use any parts without ATT monitoring?


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Helping someone with an ATT DLC100 system that would like to change to cheaper monitoring.  Not sure if they take the unit back if the monitoring is cancelled.  Are any of the sensors usable with another panel?  Would like to switch to something like alarm relay.  Don't really need the app for system status and other bells and whistles.


Googling ATT DLC100 it looks to be very proprietary and difficult to find the installation manual.
Found this article: (Noticed too that you can purchase a new one on Ebay for around $16.00)
I bought a house that had an AT&T Digital Life system installed. I of course have no intention of using AT&T’s overpriced service. What I would like to do is reuse the components that came with that system, especially the expensive ones like the touchpad door lock, cameras and CO detectors. What level of compatibility should I expect with a new system such as the ones sold on this site?
When introduced around July, 2013 there was no mention of Zigbee.
July 24, 2013 by Grant Clauser
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The Digital Life system relies on devices from a number of companies including Linear, Cisco, Honeywell and Yale. The products communicate using Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Z-Wave. A central hub in the basement is the brains of the system. All the devices on the network are operated via an iOS or Android app or a web interface on a computer.
As far as I know, only AT&T can monitor one of those systems. I'm fairly certain the system and sensors will need to be changed out if they want monitoring from someone other than AT&T.


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These types of systems have been around for many many years. They are usually from ADT or an Internet service provider, or a cellular provider.  The deal is you get the system for free, or at a quite low cost, but that you have to sign up for their service for 2 or more years.  People don't like big up-front charges so this works for them.  Obviously the system is not free, and they can make up the cost a little every month in the service charges, which cost you double what you would normally pay.  After the two years, they have their money back for the "free" system, and the rest is pure profit.
So when when someone comes upon these systems and wants to have them monitored by someone else, guess what? Its not possible. At least not possible without lots and lots of work. So reuse any part you can, but likely its not very useful and you'll want to get a new system.


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Yes, I know how the payment model works.  And I don't expect anyone else to be able to monitor the existing system as it stands.  My expectation on chance for reuse was "slim to none" but wanted to look into it a bit anyway....
From what I have been able to find the sensors may be z-wave.  If not useful in a security system they may have other interesting uses...
I found this on the deadbolt:
And this on the sensors (look in the comments).  Looks like the deadbolt may be the only thing reusable but I need to check if these are the same model door/window sensors.