Audio mixers


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I'm looking for a 10+ channel (stereo) line mixer with serial port control capability.  I've found a couple made by Behringer and Sampson.  However, they only have one or two outputs on them.
I really need something that has multiple outputs so I can route certain input channels to specific outputs, kind of like an HDMI matrix, but for audio.
Any ideas?  Would this be called something other than a mixer?
As for what I'm doing, I'm replacing a Niles audio distribution system with something I can control via my home automation gear.
I will have multiple devices plugged into the inputs on the mixer.  I need roughly 10 outputs on the mixer, and each output will run to a separate amp for each room.  This way, I can go in and select a source and one or more destinations, and then have it route the audio properly.  The *outputs* on the mixer must have level control so I can control the volume of the output and not have to rely on controlling the volume of the source.  I also need to be able to mix multiple sources into a single (or multiple) outputs because I have voice alerts for my alarm/home automation system that I want to be able to get all the time.
Older, analog, matrix switchers handle video AND audio.  I use a kramer 8x8 video matrix that could switch audio without problem.
I have never attempted network control over this device, but I understand it is so capable.
You may want to look at pro audio devices like the Ashly Protea 24x24m, but they can get quite expensive as they typically have boat loads of DSP stuff as well as switching/mixing.
Checkout Ashly, BiAmp, Rane, ??
Do you need to MIX audio?  It sounds like you are looking for a matrix switcher - several sources, several zones - Russound, Nuvo,, and others make them and Russound and Nuvo I know are already easily integrated into HA systems; HTD has the capability but I haven't heard of people doing it yet.
Extrons are typically matrix switchers.  Work2Play brought up a good question though:  Do you really need a "mixer"?  What is your use scenario?
You can get TOA DX-0808 boards on EBay for pretty cheap if you are patient.  They are an 8x8 mixing board with serial control.