Audio out to line level out


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I followed the directions at the Elk website but mine didn't quite work as expected. I first connected to the negative side of the bus as shown, and it worked as expected, but it didn't work for long (uh oh...)--just a few hours in fact. Now I have to connect to the two terminals of the audio out (OUT1), which does work. By the way, everything else (still) works fine, including the keypads and everything else on the bus. Why does the drawing show connecting this to the neg terminal of the bus, and not just both terminals of OUT1? I've seen other similar circuits on the internet for doing this with different types of equipment, and of course they always just tap off of the audio out. Why would mine have worked for a little while and then stop working, but still work by connecting to the OUT1 terminals?

Here's the drawing:

Not sure of your over-all goal or setup. I did this so I could use a PC sound card output and the Elk output over the same house audio system. Details HERE.

How were you testing the system. A set of headphones is a great way to test the line level output if nothing else is connected.
I wanted to pass the Elk audio through my PC sound card as well and the ELK-800. Sounds just like your setup. I'm going to use PH to control audio levels. Thanks for the link to your other post. I am also having the pop problem. I'll do some testing tomorrow since my daughter is asleep now. Have you made any other changes to your setup since those posts?

Hi Skip;

That setup was for my friend (I own a Caddx and not an Elk). I know that I played around with the Global Volume settings and the pop was hardly noticed. No other settings were adjusted.