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Audio problems with new LG BD-370 Blu Ray and my Receiver


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Well it looks like I have a new problem to overcome. I have an older Sony ES receiver for my home theater system. Up till now it has served me well even when I hooked up my Toshiba HD-DVD player. My audio connection has always been a TOSlink optical cable.

Well I setup my new LG BD-370 Blu Ray player and hooked it up to my Samsung 56" DLP HDTV via HDMI and to my Sony receiver via the TOSlink and after doing a quick firmware update I tossed in the new Star Trek movie. Everything worked great. The picture and sound were awesome.

Next I tossed in the Serenity which was the second disk I bought with the unit. The menus came up fine and the sound worked. I hit the play button and the movie started but no sound. I then went back into the setup menu and low and behold it was set to DTS-HD with no other option for sound. I guess they assume your going to upgrade your receiver to get this to work. I can understand having the option for better sound but would it hurt them to include DD 5.1?

So now it looks like I am in the market for a new receiver. I have looked over a few websites but I still am not sure if I can get away with using TOSlink to get all my sound from any Blu Ray disk to work. I would be more than happy with DD 5.1 and standard DTS. This is what one website said:


"Toslink or Coaxial SPDIF - Because SPDIF cannot transmit a full DTS-HD HR signal, the player will extract the DTS core and send the bitstream for that instead."

If anyone knows this to be true and that I can use TOSlink optical to get DD5.1 and DTS with ALL Blu Ray disks please let me know. Someone I know offered me a good deal on a used Onkyo TX-SR605 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver and I would like to figure out if I can get this to work without going to HDMI to the receiver.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Also any suggestions on a decent receiver that can be controlled very well with discreet IR codes would be welcomed



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Well I purchased the Onkyo TX-SR707 and have to say I am pleased. Getting it setup right now and then I will dig into the RS-232 control.