automate a switched outlet


in my bedroom i have a switch just inside the door which controls the upper plug of an outlet right near it. currently we have a lamp plugged into that outlet.

i was thinking of getting a togglelincv2 or switchlinc v2 (insteon either way) to replace the existing switch.

but what i am wondering is how exactly that would work. for instance - i know that the insteon lamp modules have something built in so that if i turn the lamp on by the knob on the lamp itself, it kicks on the module allowing the light to go on. so i can control the lamp from either the lamp or via insteon.

would that also be the case if i were to put an insteon switch in to replace the old one? would i be able to control the lamp via insteon OR via the lamps switch?
No. The local control circuit is only used in Plugin modules. You have 2 options:

1- Replace the switch with an Insteon relay switch and get a ControLinc to set on the table by the lamp for local control.

2- Replace the switch with an Insteon switch also get a lamp module for the lamp. Plug the lamp module into the LOWER (unswitched) outlet. The lamp module has the local control circuit and you can link the switch to the lamp module so you can still control it from the switch.

Problems with option 2 are:

-If you use local control to turn the lamp off then the wall switch won't be able to turn it back on.

-Lamp module do not roport their status when operated with the local control feature so the LED on the wall switch will not stay in sync.

-Local control via the lamp switch is always a bad idea in general.
bummer - that will definitely decrease the WAF.

no way will she want to have the control pad on her nightstand. she already says its too cluttered.

o well - i guess we dont use the lamps switch that often anyway. and i do have a insteon control pad on my side of the bed to control my lamp which uses an insteon lamp module on a non-switched outlet.

and i figure that if she doesnt feel like getting up to hit the switch for her lamp i can just hit it from my control pad.

also it woudl be cool to have the new switch trigger an event which turned on both of our lamps.
How about this...

You replace the switch with an Insteon switch and lug your lamp into the upper oulet. Plug a lamp module into the lower outlet for your wife's lamp. Put a ControLinc on your table. Link the switch to the lamp module so you can control both lamps at the door. Link button 1 on the ControLinc to the switch so you can control your lamp from bed. Link button 2 on the ControLinc to the lamp module so you can control her lamp independently.

She can still use the switch on the lamp but eventually she will get jealous of your cool control and want one of her own.
And my wife came home one day (a few months ago) with two flower shaped bedside lamps that turn on by touching the base. I haven't given it serious thought yet but it looks like that would be difficult to automate.

I tried those touch lamps but they keep turning themselves on after a storm or any other power outage.

Too sensitive !

If you like the lamps rip the innards out and put them on x10 appliance modules and motion sensors.


I suggest you do NOT rip out the innards of the lamps your WIFE bought :unsure:

That was possibly her contribution to all of your HA efforts over the years. I'm sure she thought the lights were pretty number 1, and 2, oh they have a nice "gizmo gadget" in them that I'm sure my husband would like.

I have some touch on lights, and have even bought "touch on" modules at Home Depot to add to other lights that are her favorites. 3 preprogrammed dim levels built in.

I have not experienced any problems regarding storm or power outages with them.

Some things I automate, and have learned over the years to NOT touch some things (that are HERS)

Just my .02
Well Guy,

I guess you are SOL.

I'm sure you decided that if she likes the touch feature, (as I have), then she gets the touch feature.

(I would rather win wars, even though I loose a few battles)
Actually, I don't really have any need to turn them on with automation, only turn them off (like when leaving the house). I was thinking that if I could simulate "touches" by doing something like using a relay to momentarily connect the lamp base to the outlet ground pin through a capacitor (or whatever) then that, along with a current draw detection circuit, could possibly create a turn off routine.