automated flood lights...


i'm looking to install some automated flood lights around the house to replace all the one's that are the "dumb" switch kind, namely cause i'd like the ability to have them all turn on around the house in the event that aliens come to abduct me in the middle of the night...

so far, i've noticed only x10 makes flood lights capable of being controlled like this (set 'em all to the same address and issue a All ON command, right? that can be done by the elk i'm sure, since i have a keypad in the master bedroom which could be assigned as an automation task) .. since i've already got the sprinklers set to come on in the event that the alarm goes off too!

i've been looking around online retailers and the like, but it doesn't seem like zwave offers what i'm looking for.. any other manufacturers powerline or wireless that offer automated floodlights.. ? thanks!
nope, X-10 is the only choice here. I have asked UPB, Insteon & Z-wave folks to make a device with one input (the motion sensor) and one output (the lamps) and fit in a single box. But so far, no one has such a device.
I had a lot of problems with the X-10 floodlight controls going nuts after a couple of years of harsh weather. My new approach is to use cheap motion detectors from Home Depot (Heath/Zeneth etc.). These are designed for outdoor use but instead of controlling the floodlight directly, I have them control an outlet. I have a cheap 12V wall wart in the outlet and it in turn powers an Elk relay. The contacts of the relay can feed an ELK M1 zone, Simplehomenet dry contact input, or whatever controller you want to use.

The lights of course are wired to X-10 or Insteon (or whatever protocol) switches.

Sounds complicated but it is simple reliable and easy to service. Just be sure to buy motion sensors with relays in them. (The ones designed for any kind of lighting). Some are incandescent only and use Triacs for controlling the light and these might not like the wall wart load.
I just use a x10 motion sensor to trigger a x10 (or like) switch. You could set several sensors and have just the front or sides or all lights on with movement and then let the sensor's timer time out and turn them off. Works for me.....
It seems to be assumed by all that you want these lights to be motion operated. Is this true? If not.... and they are currently "Dumb"switches, then you could use your favorite protocol to operate them. UPB, Insteon, maybe Z-wave.
I have zwave switches hooked up to my exterior flood lights. I then have a remote on all three levels that can turn them on if need be. I tried a zwave motion detector but it was for indoor use and didn't work real well out side. I have ordered some active eyes and plan on letting HomeSeer active them based of the active eyes motion.