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Hey Martin,

have you had a chance yet to see if you can stock these type of devices:

Super Joy Box 8

converts 1 usb port to 4 game ports, and I know several people that would be interested in those too. Ebay has them listed (look for usb gameport adapter), and they make a great cheap security device.
Thanks! I am planning on getting these soon (actually, the second you get them hehe), so I am a little anxious lol
Sources are hard to find, there are a lot of them on ebay, but looks like it's the same seller every time. googling for "super joy box 8" shows some hits, but some of these places seem to be in hong kong or something.

I just found the source in Hong Kong. I've sent them an email requesting distributor pricing. WHat have you normally seen them sell for?
damn you are fast! Ebay has them usually for around 12-13 bucks with a buy it now price for $14.99 I believe. Some sites on the web have them for $10, highest I have seen is $17 I believe, just make sure this is worth it to you too (eventho many people like the idea of being able to monitor 16 contacts for such a low price). Thanks Martin!
I did get a response from that guy in Hong Kong. Prices weren't impressive. I wrote him back requesting higher volume pricing. We'll see what the says. My brother currently lives in China (3 year deal). I may ask him to go visit this guy next time he goes to Hong Kong. I'll keep you posted. - thanks
thanks, I can imagine that this might not be profitable, just the shipping/insurance alone might kill any potential deals.
Yes, so far the lowest price they've given me was $11 not including shipping. Their website pricing was $15. Their english isn't very good so he might not have realized that I wanted to buy more than a few. We'll see what they come back with.
Well, so much for that idea. They got back to me on pricing for 50 - same price $11 plus what works out to $3.10 each for shipping and HANDLING.
Well that sucks, sounds like they got a monopoly there, I haven't found any other manufacture yet that sells these things. I will have to find a site/auction that doesn't require paypal or a payment scheme that is no longer supported. Thanks for trying anyways, I appreciate it!