Automation Studio - Button Image Graphic Files


Hello All,
I'm trying to do some "convenience" updates to the old Omnitouch 5.7e's, and it's been quite a long time since they've been altered.  Automation Studio has a few nuances and glitches to get things just right... and I'm sure this is just one of those.
-  In HAI Automation Studio there is a default "buttonpanel" at the bottom of each screen.  
-  This button panel includes the standard set of buttons, such as "Home", "Security", etc.  
-  The button menu properties list a "released" image file name for each button, such as "home_64.png", "security_64.png", etc. - but these file names do not exist on the computer with the Automation Studio software.  Instead, there are graphic images called "home64.png", "security64.png" - along with smaller and larger sizes for each type of button.
My first (minor) issue is that the "settings" button graphic file (listed as "UserSettings64.png") isn't in the provided image files.  I know I can use other graphic files I have, or use Photoshop to recreate it, so it's not a major problem.  However, if someone has (and can provide) the correct file, it would be appreciated.
My second (minor) puzzling issue is trying to re-order the buttons within the button panel.  When I simply try and move the buttons around, the only ones that will move are the ones with system dependencies listed.  Any button without a system dependency simply goes back to it's original position.  I understand the button panel is a "living" thing - that is, buttons are visible by dependency, when there are a certain number of buttons active the left-right buttons automatically appear, the panel needs to be able to scroll, etc.  It's just odd that you have to add a dependency, move the button, close the window, go back in and then remove the dependency.  And maybe run the simulator in-between all of that.  Or maybe the order is different, I can't really say - it took running a lot of different scenarios to come to this final result.
Is there a proper procedure for moving the buttons?  Or is this just another software glitch in Automation Studio?