AutoPatch Guidelines


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I have been gearing up towards getting an autopatch unit to tie in with CQC to control component video switching (and possibly speakers depending on if I get something that will do that).

I'm trying to make sure I understand the equipment properly:

It seems I want:

1. A 1YDM or a 4YDM
2. N number of input and output cards (four connections in each one)
3. Software from the autopatch site
4. N number of speaker connections (if I want to go that route)

For the input/output cards, I am guessing the software will let me tie groups of three or five (for example for component video distribution). Can I use these for audio as well or do I need other connections?

For example, this looked like a nice one:

I'm just trying to make sure I understand all the parameters. Is there anything else I should be looking at?
you should ask ellisr63 over on the CQC forum - he's the god of all things autopatch, and would give you more info than you'd ever want to know.
Thank you. I need to add the CQC site to my 'rounds'. I also need to get cracking on my CQC setup.