AV and GB Network Help....Please!!!


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I really need some help figuring this out.

This is what I have broken down into each room:

Master BDR:

Std Def TV (No HDMI Inputs)
-Current Signal comes from DISH VIP722k located in Living Room
AV Reciever (No HDMI)

2nd BDR:
HDTV (HDMI Inputs)
-Current Signal comes from DISH VIP722k located in Theater Room
Desktop PC w/ HDMI Output

Living Room:
HDTV (HDMI Inputs)
AV Reciever (HDMI In/Out)
DISH VIP722k Dual HD Tuner (HD only here; SD to 2nd BDR)
Western Digital HD Live Media Player

Desktop PC

Theater Room:
HTPC Combo Media Server
(Phenom II x6; 4GB DDR3 1600; Gigabyte GA890GPA-UDH3; 3x 2TB HDD Storage; 30GB SSD for OS; Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit; HD5770 VGA; Hauppage HVR-2250 Tuner Card; Blu-Ray DVD Writer Combo Drive)

Projector 720p
DISH VIP 722k Dual HD Tuner (HD only here; SD to Master BDR)
AV Reciever (HDMI In/Out)
Playstation 3
16port GB Ethernet Switch
Ethernet Router
Wireless N Router

So that is my gear and I have my GB Network in place to the 3 PCs. The TVs are being fed by RG6.

What I plan on doing is condensing my large movie library (Blu-Ray and DVD) as well as all my music to the HTPC / Media Server. I want to be able to broadcast to each PC or TV (or AV reciever) throughout the house.

Additionally, I want to be able to incorporate the DISH VIP722k HD DVR boxes into the Ethernet so that I can broadcast any HD shows over the network.

Is this possible? Also how would I broacast the OTA HD content recorded from the HVR-2250 Tuner.

I understand I am going to run new wires and have no problem with this. I also may switch to cable down the road and get one of those cable card tuners but I am stuck with DISH for another 18mos.

I really need help on how to wire (connect) all of this equipment to a single network.

I have read to run several drops of cat5e to each media center (one for in and one for out). Would this be neessary in my case? Should my HD signal be carried to the HDTVs by cat 5e with HDMI extenders or is RG-6 suitable. I have reserched a bunch on the net and am still very confused. I can not find any wiring diagrams which is easier for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
What you are talking about is distributed video. Will take a long time to figure out. Spend a lot of time searching the AVS Distributed AV Subforum.

Seems to me that conventional distributed video can be accomplished more easily with SageTV, or another off the shelf product, than with a conventional video matrix switch.

Usually, most of the equipment is in one location, perhaps making it easier to use a matrix switch. You'll also have to figure out how to control the equipment. Prob cheapest to use distributed IR, but RF remotes might be a little easier.

Bottom line, check out/research/search SageTV and other similar devices, matrix switches, and distributed IR (and other methods of control).