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I just replaced a temp rca cable that ran on outside of house for my cam. I bought the 100' combo from super circuits, audio/visual/power, and ran that up in my attic for a non-obtrusive look (wife's happy). Lemme tell you : "it sucks". My video quality went from WOW to what the heck is that. I am one pissed off dude.
Looks like I'm getting a 500' roll of RG-6 and solder on the rca ends. Guess it was too good to be true.
Radioshack sells Fconnector to RCA Jack convertors, they are cheap, no need to solder :unsure: This is how I am running my dvr signal over a 40-50ft rg6 cable.
Soldering is no issue. But I guess connectors would be much quicker! Just got back from Home Depot (among other things, I'm finishing up a framed out addition to house). Anyways......I found a 500' roll of RG6/u for only 45 bucks. Thought that was a great deal so I picked it up.

Hopefully by this weekend I will fix my video abortion by converting back to coax!
Not absolutely sure of specs. Pkg thrown out, and supercircuits.com doesn't really tell. I can say however, that it's a tiny cable with all three inside of that: A/V/PS. I now realize that it's prob not even shielded.

Running some tests now. Put the Cam vid and power back the way it was using heavy RCA cables (i cheated and soldered the power supply ends to the audio side of a dbl RCA). All is working great again. SOOO.....decided to just pass the audio through the new combo cable. Still a massive buzz. This baby is going into the garbage.
Be careful what you say Radio Shack carries. I am just returning from a trip to the local Shack....and they no longer carry most pieces and parts that we all use. No inexpensive patch cords, no adapters..... UNLESS you want the Gold ones.... which they are happy to rip you off for. It is truly unbelievable that they ditched all this stuff. The manager told me that all of the stores, at least in New England are going that way. The small stuff did not fit their "image". I told 'em they were nutz, and that there was no way that I would pay that kind of money for goldplated over regular cables..... and I left.

You are CORRECT! Rat Shack here in Las Vegas is also discontinuing selling their adapters (and other goodies).

I'm hoping our new Fry's carries stuff like this. I've been there to get computer parts and such but haven't looked for adapters yet.

Other than that its order via the internet.

Boy, has Radio Shack changed since the old days. :unsure:
Sorry, I just realized that I got the F->RCA convertors at Home Depot where I got my RG6 cable. But yes, I just returned from Radio shack, and they have NOTHING, I grabbed the last NC magnetic reed switch , and they didn't have anything else I was looking for.

Justonemore, I am very happy with the cat5 wiring, I am using 1 pair I believe, and I have 2.1 Yamaha speakers hooked up, so it had to be good. Funny thing is, I also piped my DVR sound output thru the homeseer machine, then goes over cat5 to my tv, and it still sounds awesome! I am moving my DVR upstairs tonight, so won't have to do this anymore, but it's definitely an acceptable solution, I do not experience any humming, and I also run IR over that same cat5 cable.