I just came across this website and thought some here might find it useful...

They have two particular items of interest, a remote on/off switch that can be accessed over the internet via IP and a stepper motor which can also be controlled over IP.

Taiwan manufacturer so the English can be a little difficult to get through, but it looks like good stuff.

Ed T.
Did you locate any dealers? The 2 axis stepper board might be god for pan & tilt depending on the motor's weight capability.
DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT get THIS IP Video 9100A product!!

It is a terrible product that should have never came to market! The software is buggy, the menu configurations don't work, and your CPU will max out at 100% useage during use.

Take my advice and "Run Away, Run Away" from this product.

Considering the quality of this unit I would stay away from ANY of their products!

Caveat Emptor! :)