B-day and X-mas List


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I feel like i forgot something :lol: This is my actual list that i just sent to my fiance, Dad and brother. I know what it is. I want a Caller ID Modem to use with HS. Which one should i ask for? I'd prefer a USB modem.

1) http://www.action-electronics.com/ex45.htm (Baynesville also sells this crimp tool but its  probably more expensive)
PL-100004 RJj45 Crimp Tool
PL-100003 RJ45 Cat-5 Connectors 50 pack

2) http://www.usbuirt.com/order.htm
This is a USB IR Controller that will allow me to control all my Audio and Video components using my PC.

3) http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproductdesc....N82E16812105606 (You may be able to find these cheaper also but it has to be an ACTIVE Extender Cable and USB 2.0 I would like 3 or 4 of these)
USB 2.0 Active Extender Cable
Model# USBR2-16
Item # N82E16812105606

4) http://www.4compuelectron.com/applications...K&mpn=200-065BK
A Bunch of these would be nice to have also.  Maybe 10 or 20.

5) http://search.cartserver.com/search/search...eywords=200-028
# 200-032 RG6 Quad Shield F connector.  Handful of these would be nice to have around the house.  10 to 20.

6) Gift Certificate to http://www.AutomatedOutlet.com
Now thats just sick!

I think im gonna go with the NetCallerID. I don't need an expensive modem at this point in time. Here is the addition to my list...

7) http://www.electronicdiscountsales.com/pro...CallerID_05.jpg
This is a Digital CallerID box so that i can check Who called from the internet.

8) http://www.buyextras.com/setousbco.html
This is needed for me to connect Number 7 up to my PC. You can get these at baynesville also. Not sure about the price at baynesville. May be worth looking tho because this price plus shipping may end up being the same as buying it from baynesville. You may also be able to find this at Circuit City, Best Buy, or maybe even wal-mart
I might think twice about #8 (the specific model). I've had mixed results with some of these random adapters (including ones that look exactly like that one). Sometimes they refuse to work with certain devices, sometimes they don't work at all. A lot of this comes down to the drivers, but some of the hardware is really built to work only with specific devices. You are better off making sure that they are designed to work with any serial device (which can't be that hard, but some things definitely seem to have problems).

I've never had problems with ones that use FTDI chips and drivers. I have a couple 2-port adapters from www.byterunner.com that work great.

You may also want to check out the 8-port edgeport adapter that's being discussed on the HS board. People seem to be happy with that one and the ebay price is great for an 8-port box.
I just bought another 8 port Edgeport from ebay on a Buy it Now for $35 as You Guys kept beating my auction bids at the last minute on prior $25 auctions....:lol:
The only Edgeport available right now that i could find is a 2port. Plus i dont want to make my fiance buy from an e-bay user since shes never done it before. A froogle search turns up that those edgeport hubs are $300+ normally. Someone must have got a hot deal.

Smee thanks for the heads up. I went and searched again...This time reading the description carefully and they all pretty much say the same thing. From the $9 ones to the $25 adapters. They all say for use with PDA, Cellphones, Modems, Ect.

Do you know of a specific one that i should buy.
I use the NetcallerID and plugin for HS.. It works great and is very configurable with its VBS script that lets you add whatever you want. Its how I do TTS to announce the caller (great WAF)... its also how I added the CID Log to my Nowplaying project. BSR used the same script mod with Mainlobby plugin to have the log devices for his setup. I bought an extra one just in case it gets nailed by lightning. Can't beat the price.

I also have an Edgeport 4 port and it works well. Definitely better than those RS232-USB adapters.

Besides e-bay where can you get a 4 or 8 port Edgeport for a decent price? Like i said when i did a froogle search they were going for $300+ which sounds a little crazy to me. Maybe ill give the USB adapter a try and if it doesnt work go for one of the edgeports. I can buy the adapter from Bestbuy instead of online so i can return it easily

Thanks for the feedback about the netcallerid
I have Radio Shack USB-Serial Cable, that works well. Spent an arm and a leg for it, but at the time I needed it right away (no patience).

If you just need an extra 1 or 2 ports, you could also look into a PCI card solution.
Here's a couple of examples (I dont know this company, by any means... just using it for pics)

Thanks for the heads up on the edgeport. I've been looking for a cheap solution for multiple ports, and for 35 smackers.... well, thats the best price I've heard about for that many ports.

Off to ebay I go,