backup notification


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I was alarmed by DeLicious' story when someone broke in their house. I'm also using ELK. Most of my security devices are configured as intrusion perimeter. When there is a violation, within 1 second, the alarm would WANG-WANG very loud. My speakers are set to almost close to the loudest volume.

Anyways, I would like to put in backup notification. Right now, I'm using telephone to contact NextAlarm. I currently only have one line. I can setup email but to me, it's not an ideal solution when something is going on like in DeLi's situation. I would like to know what other options I can go with assuming a burglar cuts off the wire before he breaks in to the house. I also would like to know how M1 would know that phone line has been cutted. This way, it can use the secondary transport.

Oh, is there an ELK rule that can say "no dial tone detected". We can fire this rule up every 4 hours or whatever interval we want. Like in modems, we just type ATA then ATH for hangup or ESC if using a terminal console software.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I was thinking that it would be really cool if there was a pre-paid cellular phone that could be connected to the Elk which could dial the alarm notifications. Few people would want to pay a monthly cell phone bill for a regular account on a phone that is stuck in a wiring closet and can't be used.

Don't most of those cellular dialers have a SIM card? If they do and they're not locked to a particular provider, then it could be as easy as swapping the SIM card from the pre-paid phone with the one in the dialer.

My Cingular/ATT 8525 will function as a USB cellular modem when connected to a PC. That doesn't help in the case of the ELK, plus probably a little to expensive to just sit on a shelf plugged in to a PC all the time.