Bad DirecTV Receiver?


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Trying to troubleshoot a problem. After a period of viewing, the audio cuts in and out. No video issues at all. Can't be a connection problem to the dish, right?
Is it very infrequent (like maybe one or two times a night)? Is it really brief? Does it happen with fiber or RCA connection?

My old DTV receiver used to do it infrequently for a second with RCA connections. I have upgraded it and don't hear it anymore. I've never noticed it with my DTiVo.

And I don't think it has anything to do with the connection to the dish. If that was the issue - you would have video problems too... not just audio.
BSR: I need to try that. I suppose it could be my TV.

bfisher: When it starts, it happens every few seconds to minutes for a 1-10 seconds at a time. This is the low-end DTV receiver, just RCA jacks for audio.
definitely a different issue than what I had. My receivers have multiple AV outs, did you try connecting to another RCA Audio output to see if maybe the one is bad?
Is that a sony directv reciever? A Sat-A50 by chance? If so, common problem. Don't know the issue, but have two of em sitting here with same problem. got a Sony DirecTivo instead. Mucho better.
Interesting. This receiver is a Hughes. This was my original, plain-jane tuner before I bought the DirecTivo.