[Bad Experience] Tru Tech 19" LCD TV


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I just wanted to vent my experience about my recent purchase of a LCD TV and I would like for you guys to give me your thoughts on 19" - 21" LCD tvs. Price is not an issue. I am willing to pay for a decent TV but I also don't want to pay too much for the quality.

On black Friday I stood in line at Target from 2am to 6am just to get a Tru Tech 19" LCD TV and when I got it home I pluged it up and the image comes up for a split second and then the LCD turns off. The sound continues to play. I have tried several times to contact Tru Tech via e-mail and their technical support number and have not been able to reach anyone. I spent a half hour on the phone listening to music only to get a beep "leave a message" at the end. I was very pissed. Target does not have any more of these TVs in stock and will not trade me their working Display model. I called their customer service to see if they could locate a TV for me to exchange it but they will only locate TVs in my local area and will not have TVs shiped from another store. So I am taking it back. I gave them a week to get more TVs in but it does not look like its going to happen.

So I am looking for a 20" LCD TV with a analog tuner built in and also HD ready. S-Video, Component, Composite, F Connections would be nice. I would also like Audio outputs just in case the audio quality is crappy. And to top it all off it would really be nice if it had RS232 control with a freely published protocol. But the RS232 is not a must. I can control it with IR just fine.

Any suggestions?
Squintz said:
Price is not an issue. I am willing to pay for a decent TV
I don't want to come across as an unsympathetic jerk, but if price is not an issue why would you stand outside for 4 hours in the middle of the night to buy a cheap no name TV from Target? Surely there are decent TV's that match your description at your local CC, BB, Tweeter, Sears, etc.
I bought the 40" Samsung a few weeks ago and so far its great. With a tv this size you have to be at least 8 feet away to get a decent picture. The 20" should be fine a lot closer.
Thanks guys. I will look into this.

[UPDATE:] Target customer service finally called me tonight and after listening to me rant for 10 minutes about how the way they do business sucks they offered me a $20 gift card to get me back in their store. I am sure I will be back in the store but I will not be buying any electronics from them ever again and certainly not anything else that might not exist in a few years. I will stick with sears and best buy for my local electronics.