Badger/Itron Water Meter


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My town just upgraded our water meters to these. Anyone ever hear of "tapping in" to the radio comm on these for monitoring?
Bah! They say that they don't support end-users reading the meter (beyond looking at the dial). ;)

Time to get creative! ;)
E-mail I got back!

Itron recommends that you contact your local utility office and ask if
they have an in-home monitoring device that will meet your needs.
Although Itron is the manufacturer of the radio module attached to your
meter, your local utility owns the meter, the radio module, and the
license to read the device.

We appreciate your interest in monitoring and conserving energy within
your home.

Best regards,

Michelle Roberts
Itron Customer Support
[email protected]
I guess you could put your own meter inline just after their meter and monitor it. I wouldnt think that making such a meter would be very complicated.
Check out this flow meter...

It has and RS232 output and is only $235.... Maybe you could see if martin from automated outlet could get them cheaper for you. Also I would inquire if they have and SDK for the RS232 interface so that a script or plugin could be written for homeseer.

You could put one of these at the main in on your house the monitor it as often as you wanted.
I just sent an e-mail to the above company asking them for more information about the RS232 interface and the posibility of writing a HS plug-in for the device. I also mentioned cocoontech a few times and also HomeSeer so perhaps they will stop by.
I remember Rupp purchased a water flow meter. Not sure if he ever hooked it up. Search on Homeseer's board for the link to the one he got.
Your right I did order from model DLJ75C 3/4. It's still in the box. My water meter quit sometime early in 2004 and the water company gave me the OK to use my new meter but I never got to it. I just can't get the time nor the desire to trench the 130FT out to the street and set this meter. I will now have to set this meter "after" my water company's meter and it's going to be a big mess because of all the sprinkler line tie-ins. I can't remember what I paid but I think it was something near $100. I now want a wireless one. This would be SO much easier for me if they make one that transmits that far.
I talked with my city's public works department and they seem willing to sell me something. We'll see what it is and how much! ;)

In the mean time, I'll be checking the FCC site to see if I can start to put transmitter info together.
Bah! Sounds like the battery in the meter is rated for 10-20 years, but only when it is read monthly or semi-monthly. Also, the battery cannot be replaced without taking the whole thing apart.

Maybe a camera pointed at the gauge with some OCR... ;)