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Bandwidth for cable tv


Senior Member
I have a HD box for cable that I hooked into an MCE machine. I was planning on adding a second tuner to the machine so was going to split the signal and pop another card in the box.

I had a 2-way splitter handy that is rated to 900MHZ. I could not however remember what is required for cable (HD in this case for one leg). I believe satellite goes higher than 1Ghz, but is 900MHZ ok for cable? This was a Belkin splitter.


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Mike, it really depends on your cable provider, but I doubt that they go up to 900 MHz. So your splitter should be fine.

It's economics. The higher the frequency, the greater the loss in their RG6, so they would need more repeaters, and the equipment would be more expensive.


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Thanks. I realized later I should try it, but have not done so. Just putting it between the HD box and the feed will confirm it for me real quick.

I don't have the second tv card yet so havent worked up the motivation.