Barometer for HVAC system


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I'm interested in using two barometers to measure the static pressure in my HVAC system before and after the blower.

Does anyone know if the measurement range of the device, 948-1083 mb, is wide enough to handle the pressures in the supply and return of a typical home HVAC system?
I'm not sure what the pressures would be inside the HVAC unit but I have had a couple of customers purchase Barometers for this application. I'm not sure how it turned out because I never heard anything back from them.

.. duct pressure is measured in inches of water .. in typical residential design you won't see anything over 2"wg (1"wg = 2.49 millibars) . . so, if my thinking is right, you need to be able to sense about 5 millibars above and below current air pressure, plus a little for non-typical conditions your trying to sense ..

.. wikipedia has 870mb and 1086mb as lowest and highest atmospheric pressures on record ..

.. so, unless your in an extreme weather situation, I'll say they'd do the job ..

Pete C