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Being new to logtemp and hobby boards Not sure if of why I am having Barometer issues.
I have stripped out all extra sensors that are working fine and am focusing on simple system with only the Barometer and power supply installed.

First pass of clean install of Logtemp brings up the unidentified sensor in lower right
I identify it as the proper sensor
I set up logtemp to poll every 15 seconds, usb interface etc.
Click go and logtemp gives an accurate barometric pressure reading
Next time log temp polls it returns error reading sensor.
Ran additional tests using one wire viewer, reading as are fine on channels a and b
Also wrote a quick c# program using api kit from Dallas semi and data readings are fine.

I suspect this may be some anomaly with the "Logtemp" program

Once it has read the sensor I let it run for a while. Get no more good readings, only error reading device.

I then power it all down and restart. Still get errors. Only way to get reading from channel B is to start with
the default logtemp.ini, (two lines) and do the setup too id Barometer and other standard items in logtemp and then "Go".
I get one good reading and the rest of the polls on the device
return error reading device
Has anybody else had similar issues?

Any guidance would be appreciated as I would rather not have to write the remote logging program from scratch.

Test System
USB interface
Power Injector - input voltage 19.45v DC, regulator output 12.1 volts.
Cat 5 cable 6ft from injector to Barometer board
Board Calibrated to sea level
Software Windows 7 running logtemp ver
As it is Windows 7 want to make sure no permissions issues so running logtemp as an admin
Also tested with latest onewireviewer software and direct reading api/c# program
Unfortunately I will not be of much help with LogTemp but I do know that some of our customers use a Barometer with it so it is possible to get it to work correctly.

Figured out the issue getting it to work with Logtemp is actually quite simple.
After following the calibration process from hobby-boards you have a few more steps. Make sure you note the slope/offset values from the calibraion page.
IF your default installation is on Windows 7 make sure you have read/write permissions to the location for the ini file
Recommend you run the program as an administrator.
Select the sensor barometer 2438 in the setup.
It will appear as an unknown device in the lower right section of the logtemp display.
Select barometer. Most likely it will give you on reading and then errors.
Stop logtemp.
Open the logtemp.ini file
Scroll down to the end and find the entries for
These will most likely have default values that do not match what the calibarion page dictated for slope. offset.
Set you values similar to what I have set mine to.
Save the file
Restart logtemp and all should be fine.