Basic Automation programming question

I finally got pc access working and Im finally reading into and tinkering with the programmed automation the previous owner setup already on the controller. One thing Im seeing is that when I want to set a duration for an action, the duration option is not appearing after I select the control unit. It seems to appear on some things like garage doors and temperature, but not for the lighting. Funny thing is I see that the previous owner exported me the setup via hard copy paper and Im seeing he was able to add time duration for the lights Im trying to program. What am I missing?
Sorry. Should have clarified a lot more. The controller is an HAI omnipro ii. Im using dealer pc access software to program automation into the system.


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If you connect to the controller, you will see a tab that says "Control/Status."  Then click on "Units"
Now you will see all the "units" in the system, and these should contain your lights.  Double click one and you will see the option to change it and for a set duration. You can only do this to devices you can set. Things like "temperature" can't be set by you, so you can't change those and NO duration.