Basic questions on Elk installation


Hi Folks,
I recently purchased my first house and am in my glory with all of these new options [toys] available for me now. My plans are to install an Elk M1G system, with just some basic options to start. Before purchassing a complete kit, I have just some basic questions.

First off, do you think it's a good idea to go ahead and just install a larger can/enclosure for the M1? The one in the kits doesn't look large enough to really put many expander board, or optional add-ons. I have a seperate 19" rack for all my phone/network stuff, so I plan to put future video connections there as well.

Maybe it would help to explain my intended setup: as I said, basic install on a split-foyer home. Access to attic and unfinished basement(I think of it as the basement, it's actually the lower floor). The baseline will consist of wired contact sensors on 3-4windows, 3doors, 3-4 PIR's, 3 glass breaks, and two panels.

Next, can the 'listen-in interface' on the M1's be used for an intercom system? From what I gather this is only to call into the home, or have a central station call and check/listen in. Is there a way to achieve intercom functionality with the M1 without adding a complete seperate system?

Last one (sorry for the winded first post)... I have a detached garage, maybe 100-125' away from the house. Running conduit to the garage is a *very* last resort ( have to pass under a driveway, and go below grade into the basement). What is the most elegant way to link the house and garage? I would like to secure the garage with a PIR and contact sensor, yet need to be able to park my car inside and disarm the house/garage system. I have come across some wireless RS232/485 interfaces before... ;)

I plan to add numerous other components to the system, but I think I've made this post long enough.

Thanks for reading!
1) welcome to CocoonTech
2) yes, larger cans are better
3) the listen-in interface is not an in-house intercom, but I think it allows 2 way conversation with the calling party.
4) I think using wireless sensors and a keyfob for arming/disarming will do what you want.
Thanks for the welcome Wayne. So there are wireless keyfob readers? Otherwise I would have to make a mad dash to the house to swipe it, or have an undesirable long delay.
Welcome slipnfall.

I sounds like the distance to your garage is within the range of a wireless receiver. You can use the GE/Caddx keyfobs, door and windows transmitters, and motion detectors. You can use the NX-548 48 zone wireless receiver or the soon to be released ELK M1XRF 144 zone wireless receiver.

If you are doing a major automation installation you will probably need more space than is in a 14 inch metal can. ELK has a 28 inch can or you can use multiple cans. Other companies have 42 and 60 inch cans.
The RF receiver would be at your house. Then you would put RF transmitter motion and contact sensors in the garage. You would carry a keyfob on your person, similar to a car security keyfob. These are very different from the RFID badges that have a very short range or have to be swiped. I am referring to the GE/Caddx RF system, which is supported by the M1. In the future, Elk will be offering their own RF receiver, but you would still use the Caddx sensors & fobs.
Oh OK, nice: I didn't even consider those fobs. It sounds like this should be cut and dry: thanks for the replies. I'm sure I'll be back as i move along with this install.